How to Understand People and Make Your Place Beautiful

. Watch them like children. They will grow with or without your involvement, but it’s always better when you are there. After all, you brought them into this world. Study them and name them accordingly. The difficult ones, you name after exes.

Summertime in America: and how to find safety elsewhere

Some boy will throw a boy he likes into a pool and through a cupped hand and tight fingers a girl nearby will let out the shriek she’s been holding onto all yearWhat they don’t know yet is /why/ the deep end is less scary after surviving the school yearWhat they do know is the…

The Importance of Good Shoes When Falling in Love

On the limb / I’m transposedPoint to the bits you want most. None of me is to be tendered if you are not going to run with the pieces like we did withscissors knivesstolen bicyclesbutter from the market while the rolls were already cookingm80 firecrackers with half-burned stems the last minutes of a good summer as kids…

When You Reach the End

It’s okay to complainIt doesn’t weaken youIt softens you first around the mouth then the eyesThat first breath is a thank you without airsYou’ll swallow and it’ll go into your bellyAnd your hands will clasp your throat but it’ll be too late because once it hits the blood your heart will have it and it’s okay…

Owing My Happiness To Others: Here’s How You Can Help.

I’m pouring love and kindness and compassion all over me like a sauce packet in an oodles of noodles bag because I deserve it. I deserve to be full and to be refilled. Like you. I’m gonna do my best to remain the best version of myself. Here’s how you can help: