Owing My Happiness To Others: Here’s How You Can Help.

I’m pouring love and kindness and compassion all over me like a sauce packet in an oodles of noodles bag because I deserve it. I deserve to be full and to be refilled. Like you. I’m gonna do my best to remain the best version of myself. Here’s how you can help:

I was wrong. You were wrong. Don’t change.

You found someone. There are years between us – me and him. There’s a therapist between us – me and him. There was no one between us – me and you. When you look back, was there anything between us? He met you after you took your grandma’s advice and learned to not need a man.

There is No Mediocrity in Nature

They can twirl like hairs between fingers. Light at night can fall to earth like shed skins. It can enter my bedroom like hopeful lovers. It can tiptoe across the cool wooden floor like a woman who loves cold rooms and warm sheets.

To My Son (On Your 16th Birthday):

April 8, 2004, I woke up sure of nothing. I slept on a mattress on the floor of a room with no natural light. Three classes stood between me and graduation. We’d jump in your mom’s white Honda and spend our last $6 on dollar menu items, plus tax. But I…

You Coulda Killed My Vibe

You’ll settle thinking I never thought about those nights no one found you crying  Alone Thinking I was out partying with friends Offhand / fingers to the winds Maybe I was but I was fucked up tooTequila upstairs in a Hollywood bar  Sunrises / not too far Cocaine in a downstairs stall doing everything we…

Two Feet On Her Throat

I spoke to the brothers / The real brothers /// aboutRevolution and colonialism and oppression and prison letters and cousins who did more time than they should have /// about what’s fairWe cussed a lotWe rapped about politicians and the news and our people / Even our people who don’t want to be our people…