fuck.my.bank (dressing poor tonight)

okay so…

my bank doesn’t have any west coast branches because they are fairly new…
and i lost my card and they have yet to send me another…
so i can’t get my haircut at a reputable barbershop tonight and i damn sure can’t get the shit i wanted to get prior to this “get your ass on the dancefloor” party i’m attending tonight…(you are all invited if you want to come)
i’m going to dress like Jesus.
Not Jesus after the resurrection either, ’cause Jesus after the resurrection was lightweight cleaner than a *****.
i’m talking about dirty foot Jesus with a blanket and nightie. that’s right…i said NIGHTIE!
damn you, TD bank. where the fuck is my card?
and now i’m down to my last pair of and i don’t know what i’m gong to do if i can’t get money to wash my clothes…LAWDY BE!
i’ll have to go back to the 12 weeks i had to wear tightie whities.
but you all do know i’m still going to look like i come from money, right?
i need y’all to decide which fit i’ma be rocking tonight…
check the photos: (we’re thinking grown & sexy…yes, the cliche)
let me know folks!

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