i remember my grandmother telling me a story or a 5-second back porch, pitty-pat saying that went something like:

ain’t nothing open at 4am but legs.
so i guess that may be the reason i’m up at 4am.
well, that’s not completely true.
i’m actually up making this blog thing happen so i can keep my people entertained.
so try to keep up with me for a second.
a quick explanation of this blog:
i am here because some of you folks need to see how folks like me live.
the hustlers.
those who know that it’s not about what you know – or who you know.
it’s all about WHO KNOWS YOU!
so here i am…
making sure the world knows my name.
tonight me and my girl (and by girl i mean homegirl) amanda (twitter her before she blow up, too @amandasophia) are going to abirthday celebration with some folks we don’t really know yet…but we will after this night.
it’s a sexy gathering…
and i think i am going to need help picking out some clothes…
because as you will soon discover, i am not at all fashion savvy.
it’s rather embarrassing actually.
so i’m counting on some of you to tell me what works and what doesn’t…
let’s get it!

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  1. Man…i’m hype about what’s to come!

  2. i bet you are. well you better not skimp on updating or i’m going to bother you until you do it. and i know where to find you. lol

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