cinderella post-midnight

sitting here in my poor people’s clothes again, feeling a tad bit appreciate.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: my script was accepted into a festival next month here in LA. i now have four weeks to get the actors & crew and a great show going.
difficult takes an hour.
impossible takes a day.

so last night was the do-damn hooly-happening shizzle!

the cake was thick as hell and the people were great. @amandasophia and @jefro0586 and i threw on our sunday gear and hit the town.
We shot over to Falcon Hollywood for my girl Mara’s (ms. dance your ass off! on Oxygen Channel) birthday celebration and ran into a few interesting folks.

the most interesting of them all would be the 6foot 3inch man with the purse that pushed me out of the way – walked up to @amandasophia – looked her up and down and said in a sunset blvd tranny prostitute tone:

“your outfit – cute. you are working that gold chain honey. from the head to the bottom of your toe!”

and then walked off to a tranced out busta rhymes song.

damnit, @amandasophia, we didn’t get a picture of that. you should have taken a picture with him…

side note: check out @amandasophia’s blog: WHAT THE YAY

and then there was the valet who parked ms. mara’s car on the curb – 2ft away from us, and expected a tip to go get it. he was politely stopped and told to get out – NO TIP FOR YOU!

but the cake was a thick ass chocolate raspberry with whip cream frosting.
other than me, it make have been the best thing there.


so now, i’m waiting on @amandasophia to get off work so she can post the pictures so i can share them with you folks on this great day.

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