pre-gaming alone!

so i’m waiting for @amandasophia and @jefro0586 and i decided to pregame alone with my bottle of moscato…woo! thanks for the bottle J.P.

check list:
-cuss out tmobile for their bullshit? CHECK!
-give myself a shapeup? CHECK!
-walk 4 blocks in linen pants, a polo and flip flops to get my clippers? CHECK!
-send 7 twitpics so people could give opinions of my outfits? CHECK!
– shower – drink – brush teeth – moisturize lips? CHECK!
-think i’m better than most of the world while listening to trey songz mixtape’s Yo Side Of The Bed? CHECK!
so now i gotta go grab somebody’s daughter on the dance floor and beg the DJ not to play that song because somebody may end up pregnant within the next two weeks – and another kid is not in the game plan anytime soon.
i’ll be tweeting throughout the night and into the morning and blogging when i return if you’re at all interested at how the night for this E-list socialite is going – and went…
no worries…i’mma be D-list soon – then on my way to A-list by december.
remember: it’s all about WHO KNOWS YOU!
that’s the message from me.
Enjoy the video from YOU Tube over there on the side. WOO HOO!

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