okay okay okay…

i know i’m kind of late with the pictures…
but @amandasophia ( just got here with her camera and there was a need to upload.
and i forgot hot to work a PC – because i am a mother-effing mac man!
i’m grinding out this work right now.
i got home yesterday morning @5:00 and me being the computer junky that i am went straight to check all social networks and emails because:
1. i need to know who’s missing me.
2. i am always needed somewhere in the world.
3. i’m a computer junky like i just told you.
well…i got an email from a theater festival i entered my script into and they chose me to come show my play there…and i am more than hype.
i am…um…
effing overjoyed (like the song say)!
so i have 4 weeks to cast/stage/direct/crew my show. (accepting applications)
but that was the great part of the day.
so now for the bullshxt of the day:
i’m changing my name to lemony snickett because these series of unfortunate events i’m dealing with are definitely some bull!!!
you hear me y’all: BULL!
so i’ve been waiting 2 weeks for my effing bank debit card because some hick in a texas trailer park (trailer number one). there is nothing worse than having money that you can’t touch when you are fxcking starvin’ like marvin.
so tonight @fearcediva (proud member of delta sigma theta) ordered me a pizza from 3000 miles away on her credit card from pizza hut.
they got here and asked for the card – and of course, i didn’t have it…
so…they took the shxt back…
so i said “call nasty axx dominos”
and she “okay”
and they came…and went right back when a card couldn’t be furnished!
but we hustled them and they brought it back with jokes and small talk about my virginia driver’s license – hoping for a tip.
eff that shxt, son!
you ain’t getting no mother effing tip up in here, roberto!
i grabbed my pasta bowl (recommended by d. griffin) and my philly cheesesteak sandwich and walked back into my new york style studio and shut my door and ate that food like food ain’t never been ate before.
and here i am…blogging.
so tomorrow i hustle harder than i hustled today to get these dreams achieved.
it’s only 1:03am
and i have miles to go before i sleep. (robert frost)
bit i want you guys to be able to hustle harder than me,
so i’m going to leave you with this quote:
it’s not hard to find a needle in a haystack
you just have to be willing to look through the haystack straw by straw

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