when they speak of…

in the very near future – 1 week – when they speak of “success” i’m what they might mean.

as much as i’m indifferent about abraham lincoln and his politics – i do admire the man for his hustle. actually, in real life, i admire everyone who has the hustler agenda in tow.
i keep mine in my northface backpack next to my journal and passport.
abraham lincoln had this to say: ‘things may come to those who wait – but only things left by those who hustle’
i hustle…today i:
– 11am: meeting with lighting crew
– 1:30pm: meeting with sound engineer
– 2:30pm: audition #1
– 4:00pm: audition #2
-5:00pm: meeting with potential director
– 6:30pm: audition #3
-7:00pm: meeting with choreographer
-7:27pm: blog with a bottle of apple soda in my hand.
i got trey songz’s “just gotta make it” on repeat.
you all need to listen to lyrics.
something about me i bet you didn’t know:
at least once a week i have a dream that someone is trying to kill me, and they are usually successful in their attempt. but once they shoot me (usually shooting) and i die, i keep thinking ‘this is just your dream’ and i get up full of holes, and a little weaker than before – but still alive.
when i wake up, though, i’m kinda nervous at first…but then great things begin happening, and i take the dream as a sign.
but on some other shxt…
since posting the blog with the shxtty underwear – i’ve been in the market to buy some new ‘man panties.’ (yes i said man panties – grow up asxholes)
i think these may not be for men – but i am not sure yet.
i am not sure what to think and what that little nub section is for. perhaps awkward ball men.
i will stick to whatever will get me in all the hood clubs in all the ghettos across america.
and @amandasophia just text me talking about a chocolate fountain at the restaurant she went to for lunch – and i’m sitting here looking at an empty box of fruit roll-ups and a parking lot through my window trying to figure out if i feel like walking to the dang ol’ store.
who knows…
but until then, my friends…hustle!
and remember:
hustle so hard that the only jobs left are the ones you don’t want!

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