for a sunday

i’ve found reasons to fall back in love with sundays.

the rain doesn’t come down in southern california like it does on the east coast. i used to beg the rain to start on sundays so i’d have a reason to stay in the house and create something new: a piece of writing, some sort of food – something great.
without the rain, i just sit in the house and chill and force my mind to create. not today.
@mztiffsta and i had been talking for weeks via twitter about hooking up and making a few hours of it, kicking it, maybe a concert or just some kick it time between work and life. mainly because we’re clearly two of the most interesting people on the social network.
so today we finally made it happen.
we hit little tokyo downtown LA and laughed at funny axx street signs and oddly shaped men in sandles and small tees.
talked about no good mofos and why most people are fools to get into the relationships they get into. i had to school on her some shxt.
YOU SEE MY RAMEN (not Top) in the picture above.
@mztiffsta is crazy! i must have laughed 98.3% of the ‘kick it’ session. hilarious!
and she let me teach her to park parallel!
she’s auditioning to be the new bff jill.
but i am now back in love with sunday because i found a bar to post up on and it seemed to break down walls that have existed every sunday before this one…
i am the wall breaker.
i realized i could do what most people can’t.
it’s just an extension of my power!
and that is why i am in love with sundays…

So i’m still in the market for a nice ass pair of underwear to make the people say “word.” and i was frequenting aussie bum today (almost walked by it on my way to the spot) and found PLENTY of the perfect pair of drawls.
here are two!
i am dead tired attempting to type this shxt to y’all – so i am going to end it now without a quote or anything except BYEppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp(just let a trail of ‘p’ by accident. decided to keep it so you can witness the tired man’s mistake)

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