finally showered…damn

woo woo woo…

okay, so i finally got to shower.
i usually wouldn’t admit such things, but money was involved and i had to get the job done.
i was hired to edit a script – took me 32 hours total to get it done – and there was little time to eat, shower, drink, flirt…etc…
i couldn’t even tweet!
but shit…
i’m done!
and waiting to get paid.

and i just got off the phone with my bank who still hasn’t sent me my atm card which means i’m still out here eating on oodles of noodles and whatever comes in the care packages!

thanks again for the care packages!!!
but i’m a survivor.
i realized early in life that if there is no struggle – there is no progress – so i’m progressing.
i got to LA with an internship – and a job writing for a production company (with deferred payment)…and after the struggles out here, i have:
-a stage play being showcased at the black box theater fest ’09 in hollywood.
-a film I WROTE being shot on the 2nd of august.
-a completed screenplay to be shot in chicago.
-a great network of friends & film business folks.
that’s achievement in a few fields of human endeavor…
everything else i do make up EVERY FIELD.
little known fact about me:
there was a year when i abstained from sex.
i did it to refocus my life.
i wrote down three goals and i said ‘no sex until all three goals are accomplished.’
it took 9 months to get all three done.
but they got done.
the extra three months was because i gained self control.
and not that i need to refocus my life again – because my life is pretty focused…
but i think i might go on the abstaining thing again.
just to see what happens in life – so see how much of a role sex plays in my life.
who’s down?
here’s the challenge:
no sexual contact @ all until 2010.
i’ll only do it if 3 other dedicated hustlers will do it as well.
i was talking to my boy and he was saying something about getting work done, and making shxt happen for him…
then he said ‘man…it ain’t enough hours in the day’
my schedule is 10x more hectic than his.
so i had to think about what it was i was doing that allowed me to get all my shxt done.
i tend my define things for myself. a day for me is roughly 29 hours. that’s how i get my things done. 29 hours of no sleep and little food.
it’s summer conditioning for hustlers.
i’m trying to teach the young ones – and a few old ones.
get them ready for the fall.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. jrmejarrell says:

    I’m with you on the no sex fast.

  2. Olivia says:

    WOW! ur really dedicated nd focused! thats so kewl! where did u go to school?. im also into writing scripts!
    Ur blog is really AWESOME!
    its official im followin u now! ahah.
    o yea wen u follow me expect weekly blog commments by me jus kuz i like ta interact wit all my followers!!

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