i always say it…and it’s very true:

i don’t want the maserati if my brother can’t get on, too.

so i do whatever it is i can do to make sure my brothers are making their dreams realities – and making sure happiness is one of the top three on their list of priorities.

congrats to my brother KIRK DOUGLAS on his new j.o.b. at warner brothers.
he’s my 12th son – check out his blog:(click): why can’t i be famous


so to support my long standing belief that bruhs ain’t shxt…
i just received a call from one of my sons (spring 08 Khosen One) telling me that i should just give up on the dream i’ve had for quite some time about this chick that i THOUGHT only i was after…

so after threatening positive reenforcement – i received the information i was looking for:
“yeah bruh, i already did that.”


so as the song goes:


and as my shirt will read:


(in real life – i love all my bruhs)

and tonight will be thursday night which brings two things:

1. club night for a lot of LA.
for some strange reason, folks here like partying on thursdays and sundays – at least the folks i’ve been hanging with. i need to get out of this bullshxt state of mind.

2. first night of rehearsal for my upcoming stage play “dandelions.” i’m excited to see my work of art come to life with great actors and a great director and crew. i decided to exist only as writer and occasional creative genius.


so let’s talk about my weight loss in just a few lines:

i’m not eating.
the last few weeks – thanks to TD BANK – i’ve been on nothing but noodles.
well…occasionally i’d dip into the care packages sent by a few great people and grab a grapefruit juice – or fruit roll up – or a can of ravioli.

well…the ravioli hasn’t yet arrived, but i know it’ll be here within the next 2-3 business days and that’s enough excitement for me. thank god for the taco truck man and his $1.25 tacos.

don’t fxck with me, people!

i have money.
and if you’ve been keeping up with JONES then you’d know my money is tied up in a bank account to which i don’t have the card.

so yes…i’ve lost 20 lbs. since i’ve left DC.


so i’m recalling a date i had in dc when the chick asked:
“why are you single”
after finding out how great i am at life.

so i responded:
“because i want to be.”

and it’s definitely partially true.

i mean: i have the option to be in a relationship and allow them to be in a relationship with me…
but it won’t be happening soon, i reckon.

there’s a quote by che:

‘i know how I love you and how much I love you,
but I cannot sacrifice my inner freedom for you;
it means sacrificing my self, and I am the most important thing in the world,
as I have already told you.’

i mean – for real.

i am single because i choose to be.
and because that quote represents real life.


but on a happier note – and to help out the less fortunate for the day:

i’ll will rock out with my cock out today with these on:


and no drawls!

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