black in america…

this note will be quick –

in cnn’s attempt to portray blacks in america positively, i felt they still did a damn good job showing us the poor black children with the hoop dreams that probably won’t make it past 11th grade.

they made us feel bad for these children whose problems were much like our neighbors and cousins and brothers, etc…
there were kids in the group who excelled, but we do no know them. there were kids in the group who know rapping and basketball aren’t the only two ways out of their shelter – and the neighborhood.

does cnn know how much they contribute to what’s already out there about us. i thought the point was the show us something new. show us what we were missing about blacks in america.

what i got from tonight’s episode was this:

black people are still poor – except for those who’ve thrown their roots away with their daishikis and sandals – those who live on old plantations. AVERAGE black people have yet to be told that there is another way out. fathers are still absent thanks to their bad decisions.

i will say this: i was more impressed tonight than i was with the “marry your baby daddy day” bullshxt they had last year.

and i guarantee there will be idiots who read this and say “i didn’t see anything wrong with the episode. i loved it. i think it showed a great thing!” and i will smile and laugh at the little you know about the construction of race and the media.

side note: did anybody catch how they framed the black male college student during his introduction. look at them showing the picture of him with the two females. look at who they showed first.



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