it’s all about the skittles…

this is my state of mind!

my situation needs changing.
so i’m going to change my state of mind.
i’m always in grind mode…
but i’ve been operating at 85% because of my dislike of LA…

but i’m slapping on a grin & stepping up to 100% today and for the rest of my days here.
let’s get it done!

summer conditioning!


i haven’t even stood up yet to start my day
and i have to pee so bad. shxt!
i’m getting there…indeed…

gonna eat my leftovers from bossa nova brazilian restaurant.
a little spot in hollywood where young men & young women go to experience their
first little taste of brazilian food.

me? i never been there…



it was good as fxck though.
i got the veggie lasagna and ‘freckles’ got the chicken alfredo.
the lemonade was very average though.

and the hookers who usually walk sunset were walking in to use the bathroom.
i guess thats the price you pay when you’re open til 4 on the hoe stroll.

with absolutely no room for desser – pulled out the bag of:

and i didn’t get in ’til 4:15 fucking around with that damn rainbow.
but definitely a great time.


‘when you’re blue & got nothing to do – come on to the party life’

so yesterday was day #1 for rehearsal. dreams are becoming realities people.
when i say shxt like “i’m a writer” it doesn’t just mean that i have a notebook that i write simple poems, and would-be stories in…it means i AM a writer that has his work admired all over the world.

i have folks in dubai excited about the next book
and folks in dc waiting on an invoice.
i have the folks of west hollywood excited about a play that has yet to see the light of day.

it feels god (yes god).


it’s friday – 6 minutes til noon.
and i need to know what’s going down this evening.

well, actually i know…
but i want to plan a little bit better.

i think i’ll be hitting Roscoes Chicken & Waffles after rehearsal with rochelle.
the wings at the joint on gower st. in hollywood are good as eff!
and the hot sauce is neck and neck with texas pete.


shxt…i have to piss!
so i will end this here with this:

friends are like parachutes.
if they aren’t there for you the first time you need them.
chances are you will never need them again.

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  1. jrmejarrell says:

    AMEN to the “friends” thought of the day!

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