a new circle

i’m opening my eyes to what appears to be a cool ass day – so i plan on taking full advantage.

i still smell that spot where her neck & short met.

i think i may just travel through the city and state solo today – picking up new friends along the way.
gonna do some thrift shop hunting today. in the white neighborhoods of course.
because the goodwill over here where i live in koreatown, and even the shxtty one over in hollywood is full of clothes brought in by homeless people – it seems.

today rodeo drive and other side streets of beverly hills will find me chameleon-like.
i’ll blend in, ‘fresh as i’m is’

i’m checking out a few maseratis and going for a cruise around the block
blending in like i do.

if you don’t see me in beverly hills i ain’t trying to hide
i blend in with the rich
i’m camouflage


yesterday @amandasophia – @jefro0586 and i hung out in the westwood area kicking it big
doing the happy hour sushi thing.
some of that extra fun shiznit – nahmean?

then there was the homeless man who decided to come up to me and start singing “it’s cheaper to keep her”

so full of laughs.


i’m hoping my book “push” by sapphire comes today
i got it for pennies on ebay
and i need to read it before precious comes out.


today – i’m wearing what they wear:

get bold – and get my white in before labor day.

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