i am the most important

for the past few weeks there’s a quote that’s been fxcking around in my head – making itself known every chance it gets. it goes a little something like this:

i know how I love you and how much I love you, but I cannot sacrifice my inner freedom for you; it means sacrificing my self, and I am the most important thing in the world, as I have already told you.
-che guevara

and it’s not there because i just read it a few weeks ago. the truth is i ready it years ago. it’s in my head because i keep running into folks who can’t seem to grasp this. let’s do a quick case study using GIRL 1:

Girl 1 can’t seem to wrap it around her mind that i will not make her a priority in my life, whether i’m a priority in her life or not. i did no ask – nor will i ask to become a priority in her life – and i let her know in the very beginning that she will not be one in mine. and it’s definitely not because i’m an asshole – or just some random jerk. it’s simply because it is not in my nature. i am an aquarius male & an ENFP (look it up).

and i’m not saying this is how things will always be – truthfully, i hope not. but this is how shxt is right now.


a quick note about a man’s diet and the girl who wants to catch and possibly swallow:

i was on the red line train headed to hollywood and vine – and i overheard two loud, hood chicas discussing what i thought was taboo in public forums. but apparently not.

girl one: so i let him do it, and it tasted like salt and butter.

girl two: ewww. he needs to get that together.

fellas: we gotta do better with our diets if she want to be talked about in a good light.
and i can’t speak for everyone, but i do the things i do because i want to be talked about to her friends and family and even the chicks she want to make jealous. so those things include:


pork, salts, asparagus and things of those sorts have been moved to the side. and i don’t have a high acidic intake. too much acid in the diet can leave burns in the vagina and cheek after you ‘shoot’ in there. TRUE STORY.


so to close:

‘if every [dude] in your clique is rich – your clique is rugged.
nobody would fall ’cause everyone would be each others’ crutches’
– jay-z

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