learning to smoke

i can remember that damn thing like it was yesterday. it was summer 2003.
virginia was hot as hell – and the social scene was unfolding before my eyes and i was wide open to everything life had to bring my way. i stayed in college park at UVa with the bruhs (eta sigma chapter) in apartment 413 – i think, quite the stanktuary.

she stayed there too. this is that summer every college student hopes happens to them before graduation. the summer all professional men and women look back n and remember life wasn’t always about meeting quotas and punching in numbers.

this was a summer of trips to dc – poetry – creating lives for kissing couples in concert hall parking lots – and finding tea spots throughout the city that would allow us to smoke – because we associated smoking with a freedom that only existed in the 60’s. And you taught me how to smoke newports – and i provided a laugh every once in a while – and even last minute rides from richmond when you needed an escape. we found couches to live on and cobblestone walkways on which we’d dance and run in the rain.

i know this summer existed – i have poetry written on the back of notecards and receipts to prove it. i have pictures you took of me on my camera to prove it. i have black spots on my lung – probably – to prove that summer existed.

i never coughed when we smoked. you put me on to little red corvette by prince – and i’d drop you off for your EARLY AS FXCK summer school classes. and as long as we didn’t call each other boyfriend/girlfriend of any kind – we were happy. i think we may have created our own little hippie world of sorts. we were just happy being free and smoking cigarettes.

we were what books are made of. and now we are friends who seldom speak – but we don’t find the need to. we find each other at obama rallies and picket lines and the occasional poetry spot serving up hot tea and desserts to the bourgeois intellectuals we have become.


and it’s funny because i just finished listening to miles davis – and all this came to me – and it’s 5:51am…
so i’m gonna go…

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  1. Tough-Love says:

    I remember when I first smoked I kept hearing this damm ringing noise in my ear every where I went i couldn’t beat it.

  2. Neesh B Fly says:

    follow me neeshbfly.blogspot.com…thanks

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