i’m not in DC

so this weekend may find me in a dark axx corner shedding a few tears in the name of kappa alpha psi konklave.
as bad as i wanted to be there, i also want to get these goal accomplished – and after weighing the two – here is best.

but i will miss the pictures – and the tom foolery that will be taking place all over dc – virginia – maryland.
coulda brought out my 7 year old kappa jacket. the one that got fucked up in the process of being made. damn damn damn. but i still like it.

My website is up and running – and i think i kinda love it. it’s where i live now. (http://www.darnellwalker.com)
it’s the product of me learning dreamweaver in the matter of 6 hours. i’m something like a genius i suppose.

i was talking to skip yesterday as he was leaving the club – and we decided that we need to pass a bill that bans butch females from getting into the club for free on ladies night. if you want to be a dude – then be 100% on it – don’t try to enjoy the benefits of both.

Today i begin a new film – tv – or novel project. i have three great ideas in my head and they all need to get out before they turn into people and begin talking to me. i am sure that one day i will be crazy – hemingway or wolfe style crazy. but no time soon. i want to be the sane writer.

anyway…today i’m going to wear my duck slacks – a white tshirt and some flip flops – and feel very los angeles about myself.
do it big!

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