i am the smartest

in this dumbed down society of idiots – i have become king. i’ve learned to sit quietly among the unknowing while they watch wendy and tyler with no complaints – but smiles. i’ve attempted to explain racism and the construction of race to the tube slaves, but no one listens – so i stop explaining.

right now i’m reading sapphire’s “push” and i want to feel sorry for precious. i see precious in many of the folks i know. they aren’t getting fucked by their fathers and felt up by their mothers -probably- but they are blind deaf dumb – ignorant.
they haven’t taken the necessary time to learn to read above an acceptable level.


my friend killed herself. it wasn’t that bad. she swings from her patio like a chime – but there is no music. she hang there like italian meats. and i can deal with that. i’ve had friends do it before. the part that bothers me is her lack of a letter and her kids – the oldest being ten – finding her playing her muted melodies to the trees.

tough shit.


i will finish this one with a quote from marlo stanfield:
‘a crown ain’t worth much if the n**** wearing it keep gettin’ his shit took.’

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  1. Tough-Love says:

    I read that book about 6 years ago, The only thing I didn’t like is when the author was writing like how precious actually speaks.

    Theirs a movie coming out soon am not sure when and It will be based on that book.

  2. Tay MF Dee says:

    follow my blog n ill follow urs backk


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