i’m bringing the juice

there’s this imaginary table people always talk about, and they like to imagine what they bring to it. so i sat down at this table alone, and looked at what i brought: juice.

what i bring to the table is a know how. i know how to do it all. ask about me. i’ve published two books through my publishing company, i have a stage play going up at an equity theater in Hollywood. i have a film about to be shot this coming week – and my life is admired by many.

the greatest part about all of that is that i’m not selfish. i help ANYONE who has goals they want to achieve – and become great. i always say it: i don’t want the luxury car if my people can’t have one, too.


my successes seem bigger to my friends and those that read about it than it does to me.
in the midst of building my empire i find myself losing friends.
the upside of that is that i’m also making more friends.
it’s like draining the tub while the water’s running, i guess.

i don’t mind it. i have no room for the lazy – or the jealous.


last night i found myself at an HBCU mixer at the beach. it was cool.
why the hell was Tuskeegee so deep? god knows.

a few howard and hampton folks scattered and the annoying as fxck morehouse/spelman folks…

and me alone representing one of the only hbcu’s actually founded by an african american pioneer to help better the people – not to house the bourgeois.

but i definitely had a great time with the folks.

everyone who’s in on the celibacy challenge: September 1, 2009 is the beginning date.
more information will be coming soon. stay tuned.
get it in while you can, folks!

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  1. Sean D says:

    Great post Brother. “annoying as fxck morehouse/spelman folks” Not all of us are like that, but I feel you to an extent. Peace & continued blessings. Sean

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