my first film

today i did what most can’t seem to do in a life time: achieved a dream.
and it feels good.
i shot my first film. i wrote it.
and it’s good. and it hold quality and greatness.

it feels like the scene from tyler perry’s “why did i get married” when jill was explaining the love she had for the cop.
lol…and yes, i said tyler perry (i don’t fxck with his work too tough – but i respect his beginning hustle)

but the day began kinda fxcked up.
my main actress contacted me 15 minutes before call time asking for directions, then never showed up or called.
and then sent me to voicemail.

so as i was toying with the idea of making it a one woman show, my outstanding cinematographer, Robert Manning Jr., suggested a GREAT actress (name will be on film) – and we made it happen. and it was PERFECT.

so MUCH respect to Robert Manning, Jr. and Scott Fernstrom of Alpha & Omega Films for allowing me to work with them all summer – making life, goals and dreams happen – and for making my first film happen. everything after this will be thanks to them – and many many others as well.


so what about you?
what have you done lately that compliments you?

what’s the last goal you achieved (and getting that job in the mall doesn’t count).

there are those who say they want it, but don’t do what’s required to get it.
that is not me.

and although i absolutely dislike los angeles, i love the opportunities i have afforded myself, the people i met, and what i have accomplished.

i have done nothing less than hone my skills as a hustler above all things.
and it’s all going into the book.
spring training 2010 will be tough for the beginners – but i’ll go slow for you.

so i close with this:

“a man knows what he is supposed to do and not do. it is the same thing he watched his own father do and not do. so he does it. even if a man selects the wrong path, his punishment is between himself and allah” – midnight (sistah soulja)

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