my east coast look

i’m realizing that since i’ve been in LA i haven’t been doing what diddy says i should do and maintain my sexy. i’ve been wondering why i haven’t been getting as much attention as i got back east – and then today, it happened: i took a long hard look in the mirror and realized i’m not as attractive as i used to be. what happened? i fxcked around and moved to LA and i live in a place where they sell tacos and pineapples from a truck – and the cutest girl in the neighborhood is 47 years old and 230lbs.

basically: i don’t see a point in keeping the stache trimmed, and the hair edged here. damnit. but i dont want to be ugly anymore either. so tomorrow i get that shapeup and cut off the stache, and press forward. ain’t no shame in admitting that i do, in fact, exfoliate. shit is often just that serious! i used ICY WASH. check into it.

also, i’m done with telling you folks what kind of cologne i wear. i walk into a house and we all smell alike. that is wack! never intend to smell like your friends. so i’m online now searching for some exclusive shxt. if you want to know what it is, find me and take a whiff.

last night i walked into a club in inglewood and immediately felt better than everybody there. it’s nothing disrespectful – just the east coast in me. i love it. and it showed on my face as the “he’s cute, bxtch” came from the lips of the barhoppers. it was a good time. three drinks for a total of $10?! where they fxck they do that at? INGLEWOOD.

followed by a beef head taco from el taurino on pico. i shoulda got that damn tamale. the taco was some bullshit. sept 1st will also mark the last day of beef.

for all those participating in the abstinence: GET IT IN BY SEPT 1st.

and i leave you with this:
“life is but a beach chair.” -jay z

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now… don’t get me look decent..but you really are not all that. and if you are hangin in Inglewood of course the people arent’ gonna be lookin the hottest because they’re damn sure not the richest. I do know some that look great and even better than you. So my deal is…why your confidence have to come from others around you? If you’re happy with yourself you dont have to go and compare yourself to ANYONE. You sound lightweight immature and if THATS what it’s like being on the East Coast you might want to return to sender.

  2. Benny.Jones says:

    it’s my low self esteem and immaturity.

  3. Benny.Jones says:

    which is probably comparable to those who post anonymously to avoid consequence and responsibility. ooooooooh. me: 1.

  4. Crunk Poet says:

    this was too funny…or was it not suppposed to be

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous posting reads now? I mean come on I KNOW you can do better than that…and if not that is highly unfortunate. What’s even more hilarious is the fact that you came back not 1 x but 2 x to leave a comment to a comment. Maybe your low self esteem and immaturity comment has some truth to it after all.

    Most will agree that people on the East Coast look rough…it’s not bad..but it’s on them and you are no exception to that rule. Maybe the reason you havent been preserving your sexy is because you don’t know what the definition of sexy is. Walking into a club with a big ass head filled with hot air isn’t any type of sexy or swag. Get your game up in 2009

  6. daniemitch says:

    woooooow… this anonymous chick is wildin’!!!!

  7. Benny.Jones says:

    and you know i LOVE it, daniemitch

  8. Anonymous says:

    Damn i just watched your youtube videos you look NOTHING like you do in those pics. You really need to be a lot more modest when you’re walking into a room because you talk like this and you can’t back it up. You got a big EGOOOOO and for no good reason.

    You might want to run your blog posts through spell/grammar check before you hit submit as well! The way you’re typing here people would figure you look like a model. At least a Rocawear model LOL. That’s not the case. How many slices of humble pie do you want? 1 or 2?

  9. i know you do darling… for someone who seems to not be able to stand you, she sure is up on all your ish… hey! it’s about who knows you, right?!

  10. Anonymous says:

    For someone who seems unbothered you sure keep replying…pressed much?

  11. Lol, Benny.Jones is probably replying to people other than yourself… just a thought, Anon. You are the one coming back. It’s his blog. Nothing wrong with replying to comments left. You, on the other hand… maybe you just like Jay-Z or something…

    Benny.Jones keep it up! It’s definitely the East Coast in you! That’s enough to keep anyone needing humble pie!

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