why does she like me?

and so after conversation with @BlaqIsBeautiful i decided to write about some shit that my good friends and i find disturbing. not so much disturbing as it is baffling. she asked “what is it about you that these chicks like?”

and please believe me – the question isn’t new. two of the most necessary people alive: @sunyblack & @thebrownbarbie have been asking that question for years. but i can’t give them an answer either.
maybe it’s this wack charm i have about me. there’s something about me that’s so lame – it’s cute. you know what i mean. it’s kinda of hard to explain.

and then i’m often as truthful in person.
i don’t understand it fully – but i’ve gathered that the more you tell a woman the truth, the more she likes you – whether that truth stings at first or not. STRANGE! who knew lying was wrong!?

oh – i’m losing my train of thought:
i’ve been called the tin man. one chick actually told me that i had no heart.
and i can lightweight understand where she’s coming from. especially since i told her about my emotional deficiency. but i don’t always want to be thus dude who lacks the capability to miss people – who can love you one day and not love you the next.

side note: indifference is the opposite of love – not hate.

one day i will find the wizard and get all my pre-2002 shxt back. all my emotions and feelings – and all that good stuff.


and yesterday (just a few hours ago) i got my second public hater.
it feels kind of good.
to actually know there are people out there who feel that what i do is TOO MUCH.
i just look at it as what they’re doing is NOT ENOUGH.

and clearly they didn’t read what this blog was about: creating an inferiority complex among non hustlers since 1982. everybody else can read that right? instantly you should know what i’ll be talking about. so when i say i’m better than some people, which i am, then you shouldn’t be alarmed – because you can read.

that is all.

i will leave you with this:
make sure everyone stays rich within your cypher.

One thought on “why does she like me?

  1. I ‘m loving ur honesty, and u will always be handsome even though didn’t shave or get a hair cut.U doing ur thing! Ur accomplishing goals, no one ever said getting to the top was always going to look pretty but once u get there beauty will ALWAYS be there. Keep it UP! TO the TOP & BEYOND Mr.
    Fr: Lilsmurfette

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