bumpy face

so let me start by telling you about the bullshxt going on with my face: i’m breaking out. what the fxck happened? is it something i ate, drank, snorted? nah…probably the bootleg lotion i had to use the other day because the lotion JILL gave me was at my new york style studio. oh well – still looking good.

so tonight was the opening of my stage play “dandelions” – actually the only showing of it. It was accepted into the summerfest ’09 theater festival put on by battle cry empire. great stuff. out of hundreds of scripts they chose 15, and mine was included. how nice. and my actors were great, and so was the director and crew.

it’s scratched off of the list of accomplishments. i’ve achieved more in the past three months in LA than most people will achieve in 8 years in 3 locations. it’s just a part of who i am. this is what makes me who i am. IN EVERY FIELD OF HUMAN ENDEAVOR!

ramadan began the other day. for the ignorant who don’t feel like googling ramadan, it’s the month of fasting on the islamic calendar. no liquids or solids or anything going in the mouth during the daylight hours.

a few years ago i sat in my car with a box of oatmeal cream pies in my passenger seat, and all of a sudden it began talking to me. in order to shut up the little cellophane wrapped pie i had to devour it – followed by 3 others. i broke my fast. dangit. but i prayed – and all was forgiven i hope.

tuesday morning at 9am i board the red white & blue airline to make my way across the country.
first stop: washington, DC.
later that night: new york city.
saturday afternoon-night: michael jackson birthday party thrown by spike lee.

somewhere between there: dinner with big whigs – lunch with the beautiful linara – and meetings upon meetings to build this thing i call an empire.

if any of my blog readers are in new york city – let’s kick it.
we can do it big.

there are people over there i’m beginning to think too much about. and by “over there” i mean THE EAST.
there is something appealing i miss.
there are taxis that pick you up on curbs and subway trains that stretch across the city.
there are rooftop parties full of educated folks who haven’t smoked weed since college.
those are the things i miss.
so even if it’s for a week – or for good – i will enjoy it all.
woo hoo!

and now – i’m eating mcdonald’s before the sun comes up, making sure i can last through the day. the good news is that rochelle is fasting as well, so it won’t be so tough. when shxt gets hard, i’ll just call her and listen to how hungry she is. she’s always hungrier than me – or equal. i think, actually, she tries hard to be JUST LIKE ME (hahaha).

gotta get in touch with some folks at 8:30am EST – so i have a little under two hours to go – damn it!
and that’s what the business is right now folks.

leaving you with this:
just because a brother has locks and a kufi doesn’t mean that he’s down.

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