…on a jet plane

i don’t know if janis joplin or mos def said it better, but – i’m leaving on a jet plane – i don’t know when i’ll be back again.

and i have a million thoughts racing through my head:
*what will be the first thing i see that makes me feel at home?
*who will i hug hardest and longer?
*who will cry upon my arrival?

and a few other things.

i decided tonight while sitting on the train that i need to be important.
well – i actually decided that a long time ago. but this time i mean truly important.
i want people to ask: what would “keeping-jones” do?

i’ll be the new jesus of sorts.
oh well – i’ll focus on that later – first i must tame the civil unrest on my other planet.


Ramadan began on the 22nd.
the first three days for me are always the hardest.
tomorrow makes day 4 – and things are going.
it’s in moments like these where God can be found.
it takes discipline – and in return for my discipline i recieve great things from GOD.

i woke up at 6am to get things squared away with some unreliable folks – and havent been to sleep yet.
which also means i was up for a very long time with no food or beverage.
sundown was 7:29pm here in LA, and i had two kit kat bars.

but in return for that discipline allah saw to it that my film was completed with the help of some great folks at alpha and omega films – and many more great things to come.


i’m standing in the kitchen at drew and dom’s spot about to head out, and no one is here to see me off.

jeff, drew and dom:
you guys have fun in my absense and we shall connect soon.

do it big!

live it up!

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