day one

so today i fell asleep as soon as i put my head against the seat. no problem.
but when i opened my eyes an hour later, i noticed we were still sitting on the runway.
what the heck was that about?
so not only was i sitting on a hot plane for an hour, but i was also an hour late arriving east.

the west just can’t seem to get it together.

but i made the escape.
and here i am now – in DC.

i shoulda been in NYC right now, but i will be there tomorrow by 5 – no problem.

new york city plans:
*write a new piece in central park
*eat at BBQ’s
*kick it with the mandatory circles
*meeting meeting meeting
*make some major life decisions
*shake hands with at least 5 multi-millionaires

and i will be on the chinatown bus by 2 tomorrow!


i’m working on my new york state of mind.

thursday morning before anything can begin i will be going to sit in my old chair in the barbershop and working on my east coast look – stay tuned for the pictures folks.

so tomorrow i will find that place where no footprint has been – and stomp.

stay tuned.

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