day two: chinese bus

i want to be mentioned in the same breath as cornel west, michael eric dyson & jesus.

is that too much to ask?
i don’t think so. so i’m securing a future and creating havoc every change i get.
people don’t talk until you really piss them off.
so that’s what i do.
“the money’s not really worth it. i’m pissing you off on purpose.”


my plan today was to break my fast with oxtails, rice&peas, and salad…
but lo and behold it was two filet of fish sandwiches and a large axx fry.

inshallah tomorrow’s meal will be better.


i want to get a spot by the beach where everything will be irie.
one day.

right now i’ll settle for a cheap cruise with tons of fun with jill as we drink big (well, i drink big) and try not to fall over the edge.

let’s get it, J-to-the-ill.


so i got off the chinese bus today and began my trek from times square to newark. before i could get to 39th and 7th i was dead out of breath. people here know how to WALK.

and i had a heavy axx backpack and a roller bag – not cool.
but i made it.

new york is fxcking sexy.
in 3 blocks i walked by models, bad odors, skyscrapers, and hustlers – and i loved every second.

and i rocked my ‘i heart new york’ shirt as though i never lived here.
i rocked out with my cock out plenty of times on 142nd and lenox…
left a few footprints around west 4 in jazz lounges and barnes and noble.

and now i’m back falling in love all over again.
but i have goals to accomplish elsewhere…
so new york, i will be back in a few.



people – i will get at you…
it’s picture taking time…

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