weak me

and so i figure if i mention my success – i must also mention my faliure.

well, it’s not a failure at this very moment, but it may be soon after this blog is published.
i am hungry – tired – and starving. lol.
i am going to break my fast early.

sun down is at 7:30-ish
but i may not make it. i think around 12 it will become null and void, and i will be praying forgiveness, but won’t be expecting it.
it happens, i guess.


so i’m watching frasier right now thinking about applying for this $10,000/2000 word scholarship.
i think i shall create a few lines and pages about something and see how that turns out.

on a side note: some more fxckery has taken place at the great howard university.
not even worth talking about right now – just know it’s crazy and i don’t recommend the school to anyone.


on an entertainment note: i can’t wait for the jay-z and plies album to drop.
not a collective. two separate albums.

i think plies is one of my favorite artists. as long as you dont judge me for it, i’m cool.
because the truth is i do give a shit about what people think about me.
i am THAT insecure – but it’s okay though.
you love me, don’t you?

eff that. i don’t really care.
just giving my two haters a little quote to use in their blogs.

but fxck yea!
that plies is going to be the truth.
and although my education doesn’t allow me to converse with the ignorant, it does allow me to listen to the music the ignorant listen to, and i know that plies isn’t as ignorant as he claims, so his hustle is ALMOST 100% respected by me.

“i play dumb, homie, but never been a fool”

and i don’t even think i need to bring up jay-z any further, right?


one last topic for the moment: relationships.

the summer is coming to a close.
the relationship season is approaching and everyone will be bunned up tight.

here’s the general game plan:

*sept. 15 – oct. 30: flirt, link up casually, 3 dates (and a little sex).
*oct.31 – december 16: date for real for real – semi exclusively (cutting loose the others)
*dec 17 – march 7: date date date sex sex sex relationship (meeting parents, hanging with friends and their mates)
*march 7 – sept 14: break up for the summer of freedom and skin showing. (no one needs to be held in the summer)

and there you have it folks.
make it happen – do it big!

and when all else fails:
(warning: contains adult material)

ladies: CLICK HERE

fellas: CLICK HERE

(i told you it was adult material)


it’s easy to find a needle in a haystack.
you just need to be willing to look through the stack straw by straw.

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