walking tall – and…

rule number one: do not under any circumstances go to a romantic film with an old flame. you end up with regrets and a hard d*ck before the film is over. and god forbid someone dies in the end – then you’re left consoling as though her dog died.

so i ended up talking to allah and he said that it may not be a good idea to break my fast, so i waited til 7:37pm to eat. well, i broke it on mcdonalds. swiss mushroom angus burner. i should have gotten the southern style chicken sandwich. but apparently jesus paid it all, so i took what would fill me up – and a sweet tea. praise somebody.

and then there was the classic line: you know i haven’t been with anyone since you and i were together.
in real life, though, i don’t know that to be a fact. and i can’t call her a liar – but it just seems hard to believe given two things:

1. the place we met.
2. she got a banging little body – and the glasses she rock are the business around her eyes. not really sure what it is – but they just seem to work.

so i replied: ‘oh ok.’ and the subject was changed.

but in the end i remember her being too sensitive and me not really giving a shxt – so it didn’t work out. and it won’t work out now. so we parted ways with a high five after my method of transportation arrived.



i took a nap today.
i hate sleep and i REALLY hate naps. they were a waste of time.
but i was tired.
so i got me a 15 minute nap before jumping the path train to christopher street – then the 1 to times square.

was going to meet @knonchalant1911 but that was all bad because we are both poor apparently.
so i stood around daydreaming about BBQ’s.


will it rain this weekend?


exiting the premises with this:
butch lesbians should not get into the club free on ladies night.
fxck that!

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