at 85%

and we’re now operating at 85%.
if it wasn’t for me going through the ugly phase with the hair, we’d be at 100%.
but 85% is good.
especially when 100% of average people operate at 60%.

luckily i’m not average.
“i ain’t no ordinary n*.
look around – this ain’t what ordinary getcha” – hov


so i got the clippers, and went to work.
nothing big, but i had to shape myself up and get rid of the whiskers growing under my nose.
not really my style at all.

plus it doesn’t go well with my esteem.
in about two weeks, though, i will be at 98% and shxt will be great.

so i showered – exfoliated – lotioned – and sprayed a little cologne on before hitting the spot.
and i sat down on the foot of the ikea bed and thought to myself:

self, you need a new wardrobe by october.
something different – something NOT YOU.
try it for a week – if it works, stick with it.
if it doesn’t work, donate the clothes to the boy on campus who used to be a girl.

so now, i’m playing with a few ideas for the new me.
and i’m kinda hiring a personal buyer, and dresser. (is that what they are called?)

well, @knonchalant1911 is my fashion guru, so as long as he stays on his shit, i will only need a local buyer that will work directly with him. email me your resume. serious business.


okay – so many of you know i’m working on my FINAL degree (the terminal degree) – and i’ve been questioning exactly what it is i want to do with it when i’m finished.

mind you, i didn’t stay in school this long to learn ANYTHING.
i learned in elementary school that school teaches us nothing. we must learn what we want to know on our own.
and or parents should be well informed on the rest.

i came to school because this is what you do when you want people to take you serious.
this is also the reason i became a minister.
YES, a minister. strange, huh?

well – i think i will put this degree to work.
carry on what cornel and mike started. feel me?

aside from building the school i already have in the works.


now let’s talk about the ignorant folks:

someone actually got pissed off at me because i said i don’t watch nor do i support anything tyler perry or bet does.
of course the real reason they were mad is because their parents have conditioned them to believe that ignorance is bliss.

how to tell if you are ignorant:
*you love BET & tyler perry.
*you read slow.
*your email address is:
*your childrens’ names have the letters “QU” in it, and it ends with “IUS”
*you’re reading this blog and sipping on a strawberry/kiwi drink. (lol)

and the list goes on.

but…yes…someone got mad at me for being educated, and not supporting the dumbing down of society.
but if we were all smart, who would work the counter at the liquor stores and mcdonalds i frequent.
who would keep the government busy processing welfare checks?

keep ignorance alive!


and let me end on this note:
spaceships don’t come equipped with rearview mirrors.

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