this may be bubblegut…

so i’m sitting here at a bar in southeast dc drinking warm godiva and realizing that i may have been a bit jealous at some point in the past couple of weeks.


not the kind of jealous that simple mofos find taking over their bodies and minds, causing them to talk shit behind someone’s back or write in honesty boxes and send anonymous emails.
no no no – not that kind of ignorance.

but the kind of jealous that makes you work harder at a few goals.
person i was jealous of: mr. newbold (my bruddah).

so because of him i will be hitting the gym in the mornings & afternoons getting a few things back that belonged to me – like my six pack and my chest and my arms. lol.
he’s my trainer now – and i’m recommending him to anyone in the DC area that wants to work out at Bally’s Total Fitness and get to that goal of yours in no time!


okay so…
a moment of realness if you don’t mind:

my goal is not to be rich.
i think rich people get comfortable and forget about their grind and hustle days.
i love my grind and hustle days. i love the struggle. the struggle keeps me alive.
i want to always have something in life that i need to grind and hustle for. when i am content – i know death will be near.

what i’m doing now is securing a future.
i want to be a college professor one day – speaking out.
i love making film, and writing stage and screenplays.
but teaching will bring a smile they are unable to.

2011 i will be degreed (terminally)
and ready.



i want to become a socialite.
what do i have to do.

who’s around me that wants to party hard all week and get known?
let’s make it happen people.

so i’m posting this ad:

i am searching for a wingman or a wingwoman to hit the bars, lounges, parties, clubs, and spots with on a regular basis, making ourselves the concierges of the street.

you down.

here are the eligibility requirements:

*you must be publicly presentable. (if other people find you grotesque – chances are i will too)

*you must have taken at least 45 credits in an accredited 4-year university. (nothing against community college – but they usually mean you were either lazy, or too afraid to leave home – and i don’t want to hang with either…..THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS …EXCEPTIONS MAY APPLY)

*you must maintain a positive attitude 100% of the time – even when cussing the bouncer out for not letting us in.

*you must be able to run four blocks in under 1.5 minutes in case of gun fire at the hood clubs.

*you must be resourceful. if i pick up a date at the club – you must be able to get home without a fuss.

*you must know how to make a good drink – or at least down them quickly!


CURRENTLY LOOKING IN: Washington, DC & New York City


those of you who are participating in the abstinence: IT STARTED 2hours and 35minutes ago!

no sex til january 1st.
this is not for the weak!



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