can i unpack?

okay – so i’m going to stay on the east.
it is what it is – and i don’t miss cali at all.
it’s just how it is sometimes. it’s either for you – or it isn’t – and it’s not for me.

but i’ve been on the east for a week now i believe – no no no – two weeks – and my clothes are still in a suitcase and bags.
i think i even have a pair of 2(x)ist boxer briefs in my backpack.

side note: it may be a good idea to carry a pair or drawls on you at all times. you never know what may happen.

i’m waiting to see what’s happening with my housing situation now.
people are playing games and not taking into consideration that i am living out of a suitcase.
and please do not get me wrong. i don’t mind living out of a suitcase, but i’d like the option.


and so @jadeandwele & @loveydayz & i are working on some big shxt for this fall.
it’s all about that hustle & hitting the ground running.

what’s funny is that i was sitting in a classroom once and it was everyone’s second day there, but my first, and the professor said to me:

prof: you have to pick which group you want to be in for your final project.

i looked at her funny because i didn’t know these folks from a hole in the wall.
they all looked at me like “um…if you pick my group you better be good.”
and then there was me:

me: well, no need to look at me like that folks. i’m probably the smartest one in here, and can only work with smart folks. so i need to see transcripts.

and they all turned around as the teacher sat there with her mouth open.

a few months later i was called into her office and told that i was the reason students didn’t feel comfortable coming to class. i made them feel inferior if they gave a wrong answer, or if their reading abilities were slacking – or anything remotely unsatisfying. i laughed and asked if that was all.

i mean – shxt!
am i wrong for expecting the best out of college students?
maybe i am.


oh oh oh!

so…because i have friends in places higher than jesus – i was able to get some much needed information.
without telling too much in this blog – and hopefully leaving ONE or more of you wanting to return…i will say this:

i have some big plans going down in FRESNO, CA really soon.

let me tell YOU what a psychic told ME:

“you have less compassion than the average human. you have the ability to do serious HARM and not feel any emotion during or after.”

i need to stop going to psychics.


it’s 2:03am – in 57 minutes i will be on the road headed to detroit, michigan to see family i haven’t seen in 3 years. as much as i hate detroit, i think i may enjoy this trip – and i get to see some of these folks…

wish me luck!

in closing:
i’ve decided to not let the meek inherit the earth. it will be for the hustlers and grinders!

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  2. Benny.Jones says:

    100% agreed, my friend. just as being a hustler doesnt make one strong or righteous.

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