refocused & "locked-in"


moving on.

okay so…
i’m in need of more focus. don’t get me wrong, i’m as focused as i can be right now – but there needs to be a little more.
so for the remainder of the fall – and maybe well into spring, i will do just that. in turn, much free time will be cut off.

starting next monday my free time will be cut into one hour intervals.
i will spend an hour with whoever requests my time.
otherwise i will be in the lab, making sense of these goals i can’t seem to organize or prioritize.

no exceptions, so please do not ask and get your feelings hurt.
besides, i learned a long time ago never to ask questions to which i didn’t want to know the answer.


but you are free to come along and do what i do in the lab – as long as you have goals to work on in there as well. the more the merrier.
i love working in groups.
this is my way of making sure everybody stays rich within my cypher. let’s build.

so to sum this section up: if you want to see me, bring your work – and let’s work. otherwise, submit the hour you want to meet, and we will meet…
unless of course it’s business. in which case you get more than an hour.


and i just left the gym – feeling good – looking good – but seeing i have a bit of a distance to go. miles to go before i sleep. trying to get on mr. newbold’s level. he’s my personal trainer. (hit me up if you need a pt).

we got back from detroit @ 12:43pm – and i’m at 212 now making the world spin – preparing for the rest of the day.
getting up with my cousin, brandi – she and i are very much alike. we’re both wanderers and dreamers. she graduated from radford and now wandering the earth making life happen!

then party in the name of labor day. although it’s really just some bullshxt holiday stolen from canada by some european-american from new york. hahahaha – did ya know that.

anytime the europeans go someplace pre-today they tend to steal shxt.
look at africa, the caribbean, anywhere brown skin people live.
the people of hawaii should be revolting still.


and then i come across laurie cooper’s ‘black man in america’ a few months ago…
and i shared it on my website – and now i want to share it with you all…
to see what you think…

let’s get mad – let’s get defensive – let’s piss people off!


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