thanks to irene jones!

when i was 4 i started cooking my own meals.
my grandmother said that a man should know how to wash his own clothes, cook his own meals, iron and sew.
so she taught me all of it.
i love her for that.

side note: i’m nervous for society. who, besides me, is going to cook when our grandmothers (and some mothers) are no longer around to do it for us?

so tonight i cooked for youknowwho.
cod – sweet potatoes – potatoes – focus hope orange juice (detroit stand up).

and don’t look at me strange, folks.
i didn’t just cook it and say “bam!”
i actually created marinades and sauces and toppings, and the life.
it was fit for iron chef!

it’s what i do.

lesson to learn here: learn to take care of yourself – your mate should be an accessory – not a requirement.
feel me?


real quick:

on another note – i recently found a 10-year-old cousin whom i’ve never seen.
no one in the family’s ever seen him for what it’s worth.
the internet is an amazing tool.
facebook is amazing.


and i’ve been in the gym more and more.
today i hit a few new machines.
i was not going to focus so much on my legs, but i didn’t want to look too much like an uneven fraction, so i hit that machine as well.

anyone know where i can get some injectable steroids?

so this weekend i’ll be in atlantic city – playing the tables with $30 i get just for taking the trip.
come thru if you’re gonna be in the area.
let’s walk the board walk and talk shxt.

find some cotton candy and candy apples amongst the tables and slots
and just enjoy the life.

i love pretending to be rich.
or at least pretending to pretend.
feel me.
this is where i would wink at you.


and then the famous question came again today:
why are you single?

and my same answer:
because i want to be.

a few female friends of mine constantly complain about their singlehood. they say they’re single because men are no good or they can’t find a man that can handle the fact that she makes mad money.

eff all that!

i believe in the laws of attraction. when she keeps running into these men who are no good – it’s because she’s no good. apparently she’s frequenting spots where the no good men hang out – and birds of a feather usually flock together.

so they get mad at me when i tell them that either they – or their vagina – ain’t shxt.


and i’ll leave you all with this message that i got from my brother @_tonyp:
@_tonyp: You don’t get to where ii am by walkin with losers.

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  1. Tough-Love says:

    If you are still single who is the you know who that you cooked for? sorry for being nosy your workout sessions are doing right by you:)

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