a little secret

so i have a confession: i should be wearing eye glasses. when i was in the 6th grade, i played baseball. one day at practice i was having problems with coordination, so my mom thought it’d be smart to take me to the eye doctor to see what the deal was.

my vision wasn’t perfect. DAMNIT!
so he suggest that i get glasses.
and coming from a work class home, top of the line eye glasses were out of the questions.
and my mom doesn’t know much about getting knock offs like 97% of the folks i know today who wear “gucci” or “fendi” shades and try to pass them off as real.

side note: we all know your glasses are really fake. who’d pay $400 for glasses when no one really gives a damn what you wearing to see?

anyway…there was a special for $50.
so of course we got it.

my mom was the kind of mom that would buy something just because it was on sale.
i entered kindergarten in a halter top and bowling shoes.


we got the glasses.
they were the mothereffers that were big, and when i walked into the sun, they tinted.
i was 11!
this was NOT the business.
all of my friends thought it was hilarious.
so one day i left them on the bus. somehow – someway they were returned to me.

so i took them to the park in the projects and i buried them deep beneath the gravel after i broke them.

i haven’t worn glasses since. but i said i would if i could find the ones i REALLY want.
and I found them!
so i’m ordering them today.

next week, i will be in glasses again, folks.
they require a certain haircut and attire, too.
so gotta change up the appearance.

and hopefully the new body will compliment them too.

i chilled in the gym last night alone – and going again in 52 minutes.
come thru!


but that’s what i have to say about that folks.
but check it:

follow me on twitter (i keep life interesting): @abednego_jones

bye folks

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