from the road

fantasy is what people want – but reality is what they need.
i just retired from the fantasy part of it all.

i’m on the road again, headed for the jersey shore i think – hoping these big plans i’ve drawn out in my head come to fruition.
this trip isn’t on of those attempts to escape niggativity.
and by ‘nigga’ i mean all humanity. everybody.

my mom and the rest of these bus people love madea
so i stuff my ears with lauryn hill singing ‘oh jerusalem’ loudly
and listening to what she has to say about her pseudo christianity
and bob marley-isms.


i am escaping niggativity.
i dont want to be included with the average human.
look around – what i do is not what average people do.

some day soon i will release god from my box and share him with the rest of the world.
when i feel they are prepared.
until then i say this:

do not speak of the wrong doings of the devil if you have never prayed FOR him.

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