let us peddle

today i was on facebook and my friend @blueJEANbabby posted this photo – and i wanted to share it with you all.

aside from @blueJEANbabby being classically beautiful, she also possesses everything i want my first real wife to have(attitude, hobbies, education & talent), she also captures every about my day in this photo.
(side note: she already knows she’ll be training the women i decide to love)

sometimes we all need to ride a bike and just be.
put on some jeans and roll them up past the calves – shrink our white tees in the dryer and wear our favorite pair of blue superman underoos and breeze through traffic with no cares whatsoever.
and live under the clouds and towering manhattan – dc – miami – los angeles buildings in which we have no desire to work.

maybe we can even stop for an italian soda and ice cream on the upper east side – or get some ethiopian or ghanaian in adams morgan.

let’s just ride until it gets dark – then race home to catch something on sundance like ‘life is hot in crack town.’
you down?

mark twain says: get a bicycle. you won’t regret it. if you live.
and i don’t regret it at all. & everytime i see an adult peddling a bicycle down the road – i smile – and no longer feel hopeless for the future.

so let’s hit the garage and pull out the bicycles and play a good game of tag on bikes
and smile at the sun.

south sudan must have known such sundays.

my work out:

it’s coming along cool.
today i was able to do 100 push ups in a matter of minutes.
and i felt good about that.

next week i’ll dedicate 4 days to my abs & p90x.
i’m on a time crunch.

but i think the progress is great thus far.

now hiring:
work out partner(s) in dc.
i work out late at night and some early afternoons.

headed out to a house party to act as a socialite again. i’ve found my shades.
life is good again.

“why make it rain? the world needs sun!”

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  1. Adjua says:

    I haven’t ridden a bike in over 15 years. That’s sad. I hope I won’t have to learn all over again…

  2. I rode a bike over the summer. I had the time of my life being on a bike laughing with friends. Those moments are priceless

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