i have 10 toilets

let me let you first know that i have no idea where the title of this post came from. i think i heard lil wayne mention something about shxttng all day so he has ten bathrooms.
who knows…

okay so…
this morning (about 3am) i was told that my ego is getting too large and my attitude is getting a bit fxcked up.
and i almost felt bad.
then i thought to my self and said:

‘self…who are these people that think our ego is too big, and our attitudes are fxcked up?
are the the people who are grinding equally – if not harder?
are the they people who achieve & are self motivated?
are the the people who bust their asses and see results on a daily basis?

NO, self, it’s not those people.
it’s the people who sit around all day calling other people ‘lucky’ when they get the big break.
the people who don’t see the hard work that goes into the dream.
those are the people who are offended.

so fxck those folks.
and long live the ego!’


the girl at walmart:

i went to my hometown & had to get a pack of white tshirts from walmart.
and my hometown is small so i ALWAYS see someone i know in walmart.
and there she was: the cool chick from high school – ringing folks up.

*her: oh wow. i haven’t seen you since high school.
*me: i know. how you been? what’s new? i see you in the apron and name tag and shxt.
*her: yeah, been working out here & taking care of them babies i got. what you been doing?
*me: living the dream. working on a phd now. kicked it in los angeles all summer, producing film and writing. i live in dc now though, eating good, living right, smiling everyday.
*her: that’ll be $11.43.
*me: you look like you’re happy here. have a nice day.

and i walked off.
i ALMOST felt bad.

but we were offered the same opportunities in life.
she had more – i’m sure.
so that bad feeling came and left with the breaths.


recently i found $500 – then gave it back.
not immediately…i had to ask a few folks
then take the question to god – and i think he and i worked out a good deal…

so i emailed the girl (her ATM card was with the money – and i gave the money back.

side note: there is no such thing as a selfless act! (if you can name just one selfless act – you can name your price)


little known fact about me:
since 2005 i’ve been a relationship counselor.

if any of you are seeking advice or a counselor – def get at me.
no bullshxt.
i’m great.
but i don’t do shxt for free.

except for my muslim wife (hooked her up last night)
and after our one hour+ conversation i learned a few things about myself and relationships as well.

thanks my muslim wife.


well – my 2.5 hour creative breaking session is coming to a close – so i bid you all adieu
and hope that the next time we meet – you will be a little more motivated to do something big.

peace folks.

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