"you remember that time we fxcked?"

the ingredients of my weekend:

*three nupe parties
*six cups of nupe juice
*an omega party
*an ‘unapproachable soft-booty chick’
*and too many laughs to count.

the mood was set to a freddie jackson soundtrack.

5 minutes after setting foot on my old stomping grounds in virginia, i saw a familiar face.
an old high school friend who lived around the block.

3 years after high school ended, she began dating one of my only enemies in the world.
that was cool, because she had packed on a few pounds, added a kid, and took up residence in the hood.
but she was still a little cute in the face.

she came to me with issues of her dude.
she suspected him of cheating – and me not like him, instigated the thoughts.
next thing i know…well…you know.

and so i wrote this poem in 2003 for her:

we search for our clothes in the dark to avoid each others’ face
as long as i wanted this to happen
it should have never taken place

so yeah – we fxcked.
but it was definitely a one time thing.

and now – here she was, right in front of me with her body back to where i remember her being limber.
and her – unable to remove her eyes off of me as she explained to theresa how sexy i had become since high school.
and then this:

*her: oh my god. i thought i saw you over here. how long you in town?
*me: i just got here. i’ll be here until i decide it’s over i guess. (nervous laugh)
*her: you remember that time we fxcked?
*me: i’d have to lose all the brain cells in my head to forget something like that. [i kinda stole this line from the mac. but it did fit]
*her: when did you get so fxcking sexy?
*me: i don’t know. sometime between you cheating on ol’ boy & me looking at you right now thinking about how much i’d like to see those faces you made just one more time.

and then she laughed – and told me to call her before i skipped town.
it may have been the everclear or the nupe juice or the excitement of being around some of the greatest folks alive.
great times in ‘the ville.’


the rain did nothing but add a sentimental backdrop to whatever the fxck we had going on.
it hindered nothing – and i loved every second of it.

and to wake up on sunday – the day of departure – to nothing but sun was a great ending.
it was one of those weekends that you do SO BIG that sunday comes and you feel like you HAVE TO go home.
no one wishes it could last longer.
we did everything.


and then there was the house party.

this fact holds true to this day – and it comes from me (a man that’s lived in EVERY important place in the U.S.):
the university of virginia has the FINEST women on the face of the earth.

to name a few i’ve known:

and millions more.

so she comes up to me at the party and says:

*her 2: so you’re s.p.e.r.m.? i’ve heard a lot about you.
*me: for real? what you hear.
*her 2: how about i tell your brother, and let him tell you?
*me: okay. tell eddie.
*her 2: okay.

[she walks up to eddie. eddie walks to me]

*eddie: she wants to fuck you tonight she says.
*me: of course she does.

and how did three holes get put in the wall of the apartment, people!?!?!?!

if i wouldn’t have pledged kappa – i wouldn’t have pledged shit!

the best part of the weekend though – would be kicking it with @bossjones [@thefojo] and the rest of the eta sigma chapter at UVa. it was like 2003-2005 all over again in charlottesville…

and i couldn’t wait to get back to write vaguely to you all.
and i’m waiting for a few photos to be posted.

and i leave with you with this: everyone dies. not everyone lives.

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