this is how i prEy

this is how I prey she said.

she said I preyed on women.
she said I was not so much infatuated with them as I was with their power, and I nodded my head – agreeing.
I could accept that.

I didn’t plead my case I listened.

she went on.
she said I was so in love with their power that I began stealing bits and pieces of it, leaving them with less and less…
she said I found myself less and less in love with them and more and more in love with myself…or the new power I now had.

I nodded slow and cleared my throat.
she went on.

she said I loved what the women stood for.
what they controlled.
what they could do with the power they had.

I smiled.

then she said I prey on these strong women.
not so much intentionally.
she told me I love strong women and in my search for the strongest, I put them through tests.
each woman thus far has failed.

she said this:
you’ve let these strong women fall for you and simultaneously you’ve taken all their power, control and metaphorical legs.
and you realize that a STRONG woman would never allow that to happen.
so you don’t love them anymore.

and that’s the way it happens with you, she said.

but there are strong women out there.

you just have to prEy.

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