staring at rocks

a few days ago i was a week away from kicking it with JILL on the streets of vegas – feeling up prostitutes and losing a few thousand at the tables. (well – jill wants to play nothing but the slots for pennies and quarters).

not now thanks to the powers that be.
we were celebrating birthdays, friendships & freedom.
fuck fuck fuck.

sorry jill.
wee you back on the east.

the good that did come out of it is the green light i got to shoot my film.
so that’s definitely great!
i am, after all, a filmmaker of sorts – so i have to maintain status.


i’m learning that even superman dies.

the past seven days have been rather insane. the kind that drives men’s souls.
between the fxckery of howard university in all their glory & realizing that everybody doesn’t have my best interest in mind i’ve learned that i really need some refocusing done in my life.

i’m used to moving every three months to different city and states, and since i’ve been here in dc working on this goal – i’ve been kind of stuck. so i’ve settled for escaping on weekends to NYC, Florida, Philly, Va, Bahamas, etc…
but lately, i haven’t even been escaping really. i’ve just been here. and i’m fxcking going crazy!

this weekend my plan is to take a trip to philly to walk in the MADD (mothers against drunk driving) walk in the name of my brother, Antoine Blakey.

side note: if i could do it all again – i would go to vocational school and become a barber. ’cause this other shxt is for the birds really. i’m not even it in for the degree anymore. i’m in it because if i drop out, all the shxt talkers will be blogging about me! and i need to laugh at those axxholes like ha ha ha.

the wise men say if you are able to count on one hand the number of FRIENDS you have, you are a lucky person.
oh, how true.
fortunately for me, i can count on hands and toes the number of friends i have.
even the ones who threw me to the wayside when i needed them most.
they’re still friends. the thing now is: you have to figure out when to need them.

perfect example: i have friends who can’t fight, and won’t fight. so if i get jumped in a club and they didn’t try to help, i wouldn’t be mad, because i knew better. feel me.

it isn’t until we’re staring at the rocks that we realize who’s willing to come down and stare with us.


so to refocus:

i’m working on getting published in a few literary & getting others published as well with my company.
i’ll be drawing up contracts and packages for the next week and a half, maybe two weeks.
i have to put my production book together by thursday & then perfect it beyond that, and start setting up to film.

then there are midterms & bullshxt.

so i’m sacrificing a few social gatherings…like tonight twitfam meeting @ jin lounge on 14th.
i won’t be able to kick it unless my folks wanna hit the libraries & filming locations with me.

i will be free again november 1st.


sorry if i bored you with this blog folks.
just had to move past the bullshxt so i can get back to 100% with the shxt you like!

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