it’s almost cool outside

i re-named autumn after the girl i loved the most. this is the letter i wrote her. (autumn – not the girl)

dear moonfaced girl:

i woke up this morning and the man on the radio said you were coming for a visit.
it’s been a few months since i’ve seen you last. there have been women between then and now, but i’m not sure if they’ll survive your return.
there are those who have proven themselves weak and have been left at tables & in parking lots wondering if i’d return.
probably not.

i sometimes sit and listen to bill withers talk about his everyday darkness in her absence. “her” being the woman that goes away. i have no idea where she’s going, but i sometimes wonder if she ever left him as long as you’ve left me.

it’s going on 9 months now.

i’ve begged women not to get their emotions caught on my buttons.
i stopped wearing earrings in 2006 because i listened to brittany’s heart beat and it got caught on the diamonds.

i haven’t yet mastered the art of breaking their minds.
love me with that, i tell them.

but, moonfaced girl –

do me a favor.
make sure those that break rules find lovers to hibernate with through the winter – and dine with in spring.
summer does her own thing, so i leave no notes for her.

i want to fall in autumn – hibernate in winter with youknowwho
so please, moonfaced girl, don’t mess this up.




is it just today – or things are really getting better?

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  1. Is this really about someone…either way….u can write…well written =)

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