in the name of…

i hope this all makes sense…i was hungry and angry when i wrote it:

so i just tweeted:

“if i were keyshia cole – i’d kill my entire family in the name of everything that’s decent & black”

and i meant every word.
i sometimes sit and wish there came a point in every black man and woman’s life where they’d finally wake up and see what the fxck is really going on. but it only happens for a few of us, according to a few of the idiots that follow me that support bullshxt on a daily basis.

and i use keyshia cole’s family as the lamb in this story. the folks i need to sacrifice to make my point.
feel me?

why does BET allow an ex crackhead who (rumor has it) sold her children to men for sex have her own show?
WHY?! because they are BET.

they haven’t been right since they fired tavis back in 2001.
some bullshxt again.

the problem is ignorant black folks today came from ignorant black folks of yesterday – and the cycle keeps going, and not many are born with the knowledge to break the cycle. we ALL know who brought us those chains – but we all know who needs to remove them

i sometimes think obama was a tradeoff.
THEY gave us obama because they knew that even with a black president, TYLER PERRY & BET would keep us DOWN.

so i’m working on my list of black folks who need to be sh_t:

tyler perry
keyshia cole’s entire family
bob johnson
tiny & toya
90% of the RHOA
anybody who’s ever even made a cameo on Flavor of Love & I Love New York
the ex mayor of daytona (oh…she already died)
anybody who ever made a “Free (enter name here)” shirt knowing damn well they NEEDED to be arrested
anybody who sells crack in black neighborhoods
all sharpton!!!



so i’ve been given the green light to shoot my film.
now i’m in casting mode.

the title:

it’s about the dynamics of a racially driven relationship between a black man and a jewish man over a game of chess.

it’s not the coonery some folks may be used to.
far from it.
i believe my problem with hollywood (and in TP’s case atlanta) is that i think too much.
you can’t have a mind of your own and work in hollywood happily.

and i strongly believe that there is a high price to pay for those who use their god given talents to feed the people garbage.
so i’m raising the consciousness of the people!
taking as many of them from niggas to gods.

because we are gods.
and before some of the sensitive folks get mad, learn your word, then come at me.

side note: i had a girl (christian) get mad at me the other day because i knew more about her holy book than she did.


love is my religion.
all we need is love.
-ziggy marley

One thought on “in the name of…

  1. OMG I love you D, I am glad that you are not connected to the bullshit, but realize that you are only human. Please allow me to join with and help our people stand on thier own and rely on the government cause they are the start of our demise and have continued to formulate our demise we must break free from the bullshit…allow me to help you spread the truth, and I am alomost finished with my first draft of my story for you (don’t think I forgot about you). I just know I can’t hand you anything. My number is 720-429-5310 if you ever want to talk or mosh on anything….Peace and keep spreading the TRUTH…thats what friends are for!!!!!! CHINY

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