who smells like piss?

why are you grown and smelling like piss?
homeless or not – get that shxt together.
when i get on the train i don’t want to smell it.

there are fountains, bathrooms and unoccupied dwellings all over dc to wash up in.
find one please.

so i stick my head out the window – and pray to god to make it better.


so me and SHE sat down to discuss like & the shxt it offers (good & bad) – and i listened to her tell me her stories of the latest happenings, and i remembered why i’m so afraid to have a daughter.

i think any guy in his right mind should be afraid to have a daughter.
i remember how i was & and i know how i am now.
i remember my frat brothers & their countless number of chicks in flicks.
i remember the outhouses and graveyard fxck sessions of undergrad life.

these were people’s daughters.
some man was sitting at home praying his daughter wasn’t 400 miles away from home getting done in.

that can not be me.

there are rules she’d have to follow that the kid (my son) would never have to follow.
yes, i know it’s unfair, but FXCK THAT!


-she’d be home-schooled through college. (i would type the degree on my computer)
-she can’t date any frat boys (not even NUPES. FXCK THAT)
-she’ll have to consider dating women
-she can’t be too ugly or too pretty. (the pretty girls get tried too often – and the ugly girls have to make up for being ugly)



i’m supposed to be in philly right now – sitting across from ms. aaron discussing what the business is!
but tmobile acts stupid!

so i’m working that out now…

so i leave you with this:
i’ve learned to walk on my own.
on the shoulders of other men is no place for a leader to be.

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