last train to anacostia and…

girl on the green line!
(written between gallery place & anacostia)

psst! what you reading?
i know the book
i know the book like i know women like you
women who wake before the god and sleep after
the moon women
what do you keep in your hat?
in your hand?
in your mouth is where i want to hold our secrets
words only you and i will share for nights at a time
over rice & peas beef patties & coco bread
i don’t know your name but i’m hoping mine fits with ease
but i welcome the occasional friction
the infrequent fiction we write for others to study
who singing to you now?
who’s penetrating your melon?
swelling and begging to be heard more than me
and not once have you looked up and recognized me as the one you rise before
we gotta get out of this tunnel
my stop is next
you coming too?


i’m looking through the window from the bed and i think i see rain.
it’s kind of wack since i’m definitely trying to get it in in the gym this afternoon!

there’s a crepe spot right across the street that i’ve been trying to fxck up for a while now.

the gym’s been cool to me…

and i welcome anyone to join me.


and now the cold is approaching.
i want to leave the windows open and crawl in the bed and squirm around with youknowwho until we’re warm.
try not to move from that spot.

nobody wants to be lonely when the cold comes thru like the ice cream truck.
and those wearing their hearts on their sleeves will suffer a frozen heart.

and those wanting to squirm with me may find themselves unlucky.
i told her waiting for me would be like waiting for winter.
it’s going to be cold. there may even be snow.
and she cried.

i remember a few years back when i would just be gone to november.
now i try to vacay for years at a time, giving the HERS time to reconsider holding on to their vital organs.
i don’t want anymore frozen hearts to break. at least not in the winter – or the months leading to me it.
keep your heart. feel free to stand by to see if i will be loaning my out – but lower your expectations and we will be just fine.

perhaps winter nights in new york city:


and homecoming is next week.

it’s a little joy i get every year.
and each yeah i gotta do a little hustling and grinding and shxt to make it work.

first the european devil i have professing was trying to get me to stay to get some work done, but i damn sure refused. nothing but death can keep me from it! but god knows death can keep her ass where she is.
my fxcking line brother got a room at the host hotel and decided not to let anyone know, but it’s cool. i’ll be on the beach with my klub.

for those who went to lame school and know little about homecoming:
it’s the cool folks’ chance to get it in as if they were in undergrad again – for just three days.
stand on the dance floor listening to freddy jackson, dancing with the chick you used to fxck with 6 years ago – and hoping to fxck with again – for just the one night.

strolling through the gym with the bruhs, and tossing middle fingers to administration like ms. cooper, who tried her hardest to expel you from the school during your REIGN.

i love it.
and let’s not even get on the liquor!

and i leave you with this:
love me fast baby.

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