sorry for bullshxtting

my people my people

let’s me start this blog by apologizing for bullshxtting with the update.
i hope i haven’t lost too many of you to the bullshxt blogs that talk about nothing of substance.
i mean…who among you really give a damn about kandi’s ex-dude?
like really?


so my little brother, @thedizzler, has a little brother @big_malc who’s an up-and-coming hustler and all-around good guy, and he hit me up not too long ago saying that i inspired him.

that’s the kind of business that inspires me to inspire others.
my dude’s in 9th grade and was given an assignment to write a letter to someone who inspires him.
he chose me.

damn. i don’t know what else to say – short of crying – that would express how that hit a brother’s emotions.
so i continue to grind & hustle, and make the world go ’round.

you never know what it is you may do or say that others can hear & see.
you never know what it is that may hit them and cause them to do something different.

since i’ve left THE bethune-cookman college in 2005, i’ve had several of my classmates shoot me messages on facebook telling me how i inspired them to start an organization, or to write a book, or to step out on faith and make life happen for them.
and that feels good.
and like wise i have dedicated books to those who have done that for me, and written letter and poems to those who i observed doing the RIGHT thing.

i say all that to say this:

@big_malc: you inspire me to keep the movement moving.


today i returned to my computer after a 4 day hiatus.
i opened twitter and have over 100 @replies asking where i was and if i were alive.
i supposed folks have grown accustomed to my face – and my body pics and my tweets.
i appreciate that – i really do.

i was forced to step away and get my mind together for the week ahead of me.
a week of pure foolishness and ignorance.

that’s all i will say about that until the pictures are developed and added to the net.


let me thank everybody who’s been with me since i’ve decided to grow the hair out. it’s doing what it does.
growing – stopping – growing – curling – stopping.

oh shxt…by the way: any many with an s-curl should be lynched.
& if he ALSO has colored contacts, she should by killed by guillotine.


it’s getting cold.
ready to find that book i want to read through winter – slowly.
and that book i can use to write that one long letter to youknowwho

i will write until spring comes.
until the moon is tired of the bullshxt too.

let’s live writeously!


hustle hard until you die:

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