i’m on my shxt

last night was great, man.

checked out a documentary that made fatherless children, abandoned grandmothers & bitter mothers not so much a black issue anymore – but universal. a film by ido haor. great work.

then me and my classmates hit bus boys & poets to talk, shoot the shxt, & drink to our hearts became light again. in real life what we were doing was releasing all the tension that built up last week with all the work due.
and we talk & drank & repeated.

we realized that we love it, though.
we love the busy feeling. working 80+ hour weeks making life happen and being forced to meet deadlines on impossible tasks. it’s the life we were called to do. it’s why we were where we were last week.
it’s what brought us to 14th & V NW DC.

we are left brainers. that makes us different.
that means we will always be searching for that next great thing.

sidenote: have i blogged about the new tattoo:

after discussing the greeks’ homosexuality – lauryn hill being called a rapper – and ghostface killah’s lyrics we talked about what we needed to do to be where we want to be in 10 years.

some of us won’t make it. some of us aren’t as serious about what it is we claim we want.
but me…i’m on my shxt.
i grind hard.
when the people say move – i move.
the people said ‘go to california and make it.’ – i did.
the people said ‘life is in new york city. go.’ – i did.

and now the people are telling me to tighten the belt – buy a few bottles of 5 hour energy shots and a few cups of coffee and get this next goal out of the way.
and i will.

i play dumb – often.
but far from being a fool.
i’m a self-proclaimed genius. but don’t take my word for it – ask about me.
and pretty soon – i’m gonna be that guy that with that accidental success story.
sitting on millions and a smile – next to youknowwho – drinking lemonades. wet willie’s frozen drinks, and exotic waters – speaking to students who want to be where i am – telling them everything i know.

because the truth is: i don’t want the range rover if my brother can’t have one as well.

i am a hustler.

i walked out of class monday & realized i needed to escape DC – so i got on the bolt bus and made my way to new york.
and a lot of you know i’ve been in the process of changing my wardrobe for the last 4 months.
well, the opportunity presented itself and i took advantage.

i brought my first few pair of fitting (skinny – but not so much) jeans – and some boots to rock out with them.
my south london blood (jenn) is going to hold my hand in the thrift shops and tell me what i need to get to complete it.
she’s on her shxt too.
she & i have a few plans to make this thing happen HUGE.

get in on the movement folks.
that’s exactly what this is.

most of you are trying to make it happen by speaking it into existence.
i’m making it happen.

join the movement.
i’m always open to suggestions when it comes to fashion.
because i lack there.


and next weekend begins ‘last roadtrip ’09’
and i’m heading to florida.
still searching for a co-pilot.
who’s down?



in real life, folks, i’m a square.
i’m that one guy that people look at in the hood and try to figure out why i fit in so well.
i’m that friend everyone has that lives his life on luck and chance. things just happen for me. not because i’m cool – but because i’m ME.
strange, i tell you.

in high school i was voted ‘most unforgettable’
in college i was “that dude”
and now i’m the father of a cloned kid (genius) – a published author of two books – a well traveled man – degreed (working on the final one) – and an excellent filmmaker.

i am on my shxt, folks.
and none of it was easy.
i just know what i want – and when i want it to happen – so i do it.

my environment was the same as my 7 friends who barely made it out of high school – and now waiting for release dates.
my environment was the same as the hundreds who have never made it beyond the virginia state line – and ask how i’m doing everytime i go home.

it’s just that i’m on my shxt.
and it won’t stop.


One thought on “i’m on my shxt

  1. i feel you on this one 100 percent. When you are cut form a different cloth you aren’t looking at the picture from the same angle as everyone else. An enigma of sorts.

    I love it

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