good morning: untangle our bodies

good morning.

let’s untangle our bodies and begin this day.

one morning – soon – i’m thinking of waking up to a kiss on a cheek & lowered shades.
they’ll be raised high enough to see the beautiful day on the other side of the window.

yeah – that’s how i want to wake up – one day soon.

one morning in the very near future i want to wake up twenty minutes before your eyes crack to the light & write a few thoughts on a sticky note – and place it on the bathroom mirror. i’ll crawl back in the bed & go back to sleep until you wake me up with a goofy smile on your face.

good morning – i’d say.
this is my favorite love song.

‘i’ve waited all night long.”

“before you get into the shower
before you worry about your hair
baby give me one more hour
i want you to stay right there
i don’t want to lose a moment
i don’t want to miss a kiss
if i could plant he perfect day, love
then i would start it just like this:

good morning.”

so i woke up this morning & the first thing i did – after turning on the tv – was write this to you.

no matter what you or i dream
or what happens post-noon
i will do everything in my power to make sure every morning is good.

good morning.

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