cry a river – build a bridge.

i’m thinking of smiling more.
what do you think?

so winter has brought her ass through dc like a traveling hooker.
my crippled hands prove it.
they look like i’ve been holding my cell phone for hours at a time…

but the conversation only last 26 minutes.

fxck! 32 degrees!
where are they doing that? (where dey do dat at?)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @AMANDASOPHIA – one of the biggest hustlers i know. from coast to coast!!!

so i’m still working on building this empire i’m constantly telling you guys about.
not bullshxt – but something real and sustainable. feel me?

so i’m shaking hands and making plans with as many folks with goals as i can.
and it doesn’t really matter what their goal is.
the thing about me that sets me aside from the rest of the pack is this:

i have lived my life learning as much as i can about everything from whoever would teach me because i knew/know that one day i am going to come across someone that i can help – or that will help me further the goals i’ve set in place.

you want to build a house – let’s do it.
you want to shoot a music video – let’s do it.
you want to get god on the phone – let’s do it.

because when i walk into a place as an unfamiliar face, i make sure everybody sitting at the table – and the surrounding tables – know me before they walk out. they know what i do & what i can do for them.
tip: be needed.

’cause like drake: i’m about my business!
(side note: although drake is a fxcking awesome mc – he cannot be taken serious. i watched him get shot on degrassi last week – again. it’s too much. it’s like zach morris rapping)

so last night was @amandasophia birthday – and after her pole dancing class, shoe shopping, late night run to ben’s chili bowl, and the hundreds of kisses, hugs and facebook messages – we all found ourselves at zengo in china town for laughs, drinks and some of the best sushi and thai chicken empanadas. (sushi is not better than asia nine on 9th & e nw – get the obama presidential roll)

and i found myself around dreamers and achievers and beautiful women.
and we’re all ready to get the hustle going.


so i was having a conversation with youknowwho about relationships and people who constantly find themselves in some bullshxt and constantly telling their friends about it.

so let this be said for those who need to hear it:

people will only do what you allow them to do. if you allow them to treat you like shit – or if you allow them to treat the relationship like a basic friendship – it’s your fault.
you have the option to get the fxck out. and when you don’t leave – you’re giving them permission.
and nobody wants to hear the bullshit anymore.
no one wants to hear your sobbing and crying and frustrations.
cry a river – build a bridge and get over it!

and let’s all remember the story of the snake:

a lady was walking down a snowy road and found a snake frozen.
she took the snake home, thawed him out, and brought him back to life.
she and the snake became the best of friends and did everything together; they loved each other dearly.
one day, while feeding the snake, the snake bit her and poisoned her.
while lying on the floor dying, she asked: “snake – i thought you loved me. why would you do that?”
the snake smiled, looked at her and said “bitch. you knew i was a snake when you found me.”

the end.

so “bitch” – learn your lesson – put on your running shoes & move on.


i am a fxcking hustler!
there should be no question.

those of you who really been keeping up with jones since the early 2000’s know i’m all about my quotes; creating and reading and re-posting:

“Good things happen to those who hustle.” -anais nin

“Some men can run the fastest, jump the highest, or lift the heaviest, but no man has the corner on ambition, desire, and hustle.” – anon

and the quote that best describes me:
“He was the embodiment of big-city scrappiness, a mean-streets survivor who got ahead on a good grin, good moves and better hustle.” – richard lacayo


when midnight strikes it will be december 11, 2009.
that makes 7 years in this noble bond of fraternity.
k.s.: n. ii d.e.e.p.
ace: dennis karl brown, jr.
deuce: me.
b.d.: rasheen tolliver.
l.d.: jerry daniels.

“we make ’em sharp. or we don’t make ’em at all.” – gamma theta motto.


so i officially have three semesters left – assuming i don’t get kicked out of school for telling my professor i would fuck her up if she can’t find my paper work. (i told her with a straight face. dead fxcking serious)

and i still see no light at the end of the tunnel – but i am at the halfway mark – and looking back i honestly cannot say that it went by fast. that shxt dragged on like a mike jones album. fxck!
i need encouragement and a great bartender.

speaking of that – i’m thinking of going to bartender school next week.
where though?
florida – dc – new york?
let me know if you know of a cheap one.


and it’s december again.
i’d love to tell you to wake me up when the month ended but i have so much to look forward to.

i’m not christian.
christmas isn’t my holiday.
but my family frequent the methodist and baptist churches so i’m sort of sensitive to that, so i don’t rain on their parades.

and they respect the fact that i still love free shxt & money.
but the free shxt often gets taken back to the store or sold on the street.
so cash it is.

and right now i’m searching for some perfect shit for the folks i love so dearly.
they’ll get them on the 26th – that way noone can prove i did anything in the name of the european man hanging on my grandmother’s wall.


what’s the point in growing old if you have nothing to show for it?

let us die young or let us live forever.

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  1. TOY COUTURE says:

    Great post. Love the quotes. I gotta write a couple down and keep em handy….
    And you got a nice smile so yeah you should smile more.

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