feeling like i’m flying

yeah yeah yeah
i know:
we shouldn’t brag.

other folks’ feelings get hurt when we do that.
some people may not be fortunate enough to have the things we have, so bragging should be prohibited.
fxck that!
if you worked as hard as i did to get the things i have – you’d brag to.

and i would be more sensitive of other folks’ feelings if those folks didn’t have the same opportunities that i have.
and i’m still building (i’m a long way from where i want to be).
feel me?
fxck those folks with nothing but time and no goals.

yeah! fxck those folks who sleep all day & put everything i have on luck.
i have not been lucky.
but what i have been was skilled.
i make sure that the only things i leave behind for the lazy is the shit i don’t want.
got me?

no room in the car for the zombies or those that simply exist.
we live on this plane!

and i’m sitting at another airline gate (american airline #32)
waiting on my flight to st. louis to begin boarding.
@brownslim is scooping me from the airport.

it really is amazing that i made it to this mofo this morning.
i spent last night wishing brittany c. a farewell (she’s going back to texas).

most of my heavy hitters were in attendance and we did it big.
the bartender setting me up with free drinks & then the shots i brought for the table.
walked out of there with ‘lifted’ feeling & a high ass tab.
i’m no means a baller – but i am a good friend.
so let’s celebrate and create memories.
fxck money for the next few days right!?

then to my secret crepe spot on 20th & L around 1:30am
then home hoping not to wake up drunk.

oh what a night.

and now to st. louis to spend the weekend with the three people i’d fxck around a lose a limb for.
@thebrownbarbie – @sunyblack & my line brother: dennis karl brown, jr.

we’re celebrating 7 years in the bond of fraternity and friendship.
let’s make this weekend the greatest.
cameras are charged and the clothes are packed.


so what i’m learning in ’09 is that life is sometimes fucked up.
but it gives us a few days between the fucked up ones to smile – count stars – smell roses and love beautiful people.
(shout out to teresa dowell vest – one of the greatest folk of all time)

so smile today – love someone beautiful & live.

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