ain’t re-writing shxt!!!

sitting on the bed rocking out to some ginger snaps being lazy as fxck – knowing i need to get up.
but i just felt like blogging for a second about a few things that bother me:

– why the shxt is twitter acting so strange today? they almost made me check my facebook account.

– why is the ‘goon’ on the first 48 trying to convince the cops that he’s not gay after he met a man on a chatline & the man told him that he likes his voice. you’re gay, buddy.

– why am i on video chat with @labellerochelle after she set me up to fail the other night?

– what will @mswoods03 look like in an hour when she chops it down?

– why do men in florida love leather caps and plaid patterned outfits?


and then i began wondering if maybe it’s really jesus coming down out chimneys on christmas morning.
i mean, they said he’d come like a thief in the night, right?
but wait…the cookies are all fxcked up in the morning, so somebody’s eating them, so maybe it really is a fat man with a beard.

but maybe – jesus did what elvis did and got fat in his old age.
and jesus would be like 2000+ years old right now i think
so he’d be swollen the heck up!

oh well. who knows. maybe they’re brothers.
after all, we’re all god’s chillun.


and i spent my night with my habesha friends in an after hours spot in dc.
shisha & hennessy & coffee & some shit i can’t mention all night long
and laughs that’ll last a few more days.

that’s my new spot though.
get it in til the sun rise.


and then i wake up to an email from my professor stating the following:

“The following is feedback on your Film History essay.

What can I say except, what is this? It seems painfully obvious that you see
little point to this class however I have no idea what to make of this assignment.

Firstly, it is not what I was expecting to read based on the previous assignment of
an outline proposal and bibliography for this essay. Further, it is just all over the place
and does not make sense within the context of Film History.

It is not academic but instead it seems to be ramblings. Either that or I am just not
intellectually advanced enough to comprehend. For the less enlightened, please
rewrite this essay in a style and structure appropriate for a graduate film history

fxck that. and now she wants me to do it over?
yeah right.

so i respond:

“clearly you are not as intellectually advanced as i am, and i will not dumb down my 20-page term paper for the less enlightened. have a great holiday.”


so now i begin counting down the days until i’m eating crab – playing the magical negro (gift giving) – and enjoying the sun.


and game night tonight at al’s spot.
if you want to come – get at me.
college park, md.


throw on some levi’s
put the itunes on some house/techno
eat a few gingersnaps
& start your day late.

and have fun.
fxck the rest of 2009.

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