let that shxt go.

my frat brother calls his girlfriend ‘pedro’ because he says her sex drive is lower than a mexican’s english test scores.
although a bigoted statement, i laughed and kept laughing.

and the dulcolax JUST took effect and i had to fxck around and jump out the bed and hit the toilet something serious!
thank god it’s “gentle yet effective.”
2lbs. lost already.


friday night – after the gym & a little bit after the snow began i hit the fly lounge in dupont to make a quick appearance at what may have been one of the biggest social gatherings of the year – depending on who you are and what entertains you.
and casual, i was.
i rocked the skinny levi’s with my peace belt, a button down and a bow tie for effect.
even dawned the american eagle cardigan.

place of enjoyment: The Fly Lounge

ran into elizabethany (http://loveelizabethany.blogspot.com/) in there and the real world cast.
this has been my week of pseudo-celebrity shit.
first the housewives of dc & now real world.
what you want from me god?

check my swag. wish you could. i looked good.
(damn…i really just used ‘swag’ in my blog. fuck it.)

and then the cameras came out:

and the few i took at home before i headed out:


i haven’t made it over to the window yet to see if the snow’s melted – but i will eventually.
and it’s sunday.

random snow picture by someone on twitter:

i woke up pissed at BET because they’re the only network showing ‘polly’
and i love this movie – but i hate BET & for the past 8.5 years i’ve been doing everything in my power to not watch the network for more than 4 minutes per year.
but these fxckers got me tuned in for 2 hours.
damn damn damn.

and brittany murphy died.
2009 is killing more folks than the george bush it seems.
come on 2010 (unless that’s when i die).

and shxt – i just heard that rose from 227 died (alaina reed) on the 17th.

seems like everybody that died – with the exception of michael jackson – was christian.
maybe this is that rapture the people who knocked on my door at 6am was talking about.
maybe i, too, need to witness jehova.


still on this damn toilet.
let me see if i can snap a photo…
(keep in mind i woke up at 2 and my face isn’t washed not teeth brushed):

there you go.

see folks. i blog about real SHxT. literally, i suppose.
no need to lie to you guys.


and i woke up to this sitting on my computer ’cause it automatically signed on Yahoo Instant Messenger – and brought me the news:

Brandon Jennings, a player from the Bucks was fined $7,500 for tweeting during a game.
do you know how many packs of oodles of noodles i can buy with that!?

but what made me made what that he wasn’t fined MORE.
here’s the tweet:

” ‘500’ means WHERE doing good”
and i don’t stereotype all athletes as being dummies…just those who prove it to me.

almost like jay-z said in d.o.a.: if you’re intelligent, this is how you prove it to me.


before i wipe and depart this comfortable throne,
allow me to wish you all a great sunday.
all the shit that’s been upsetting you this past week & all the bullshxt you put up with from the ignorant needs to be released.
stop holding on to it and move forward.
it’s hard to run with chains around your ankles or with no feet at all.
ask toby.

drink some prune juice (or dulcolax in my case) & let that shxt go.

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